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About 8 months ago I had really bad sun burn. I was on vacation and my family was going to the water park that day but due to my sunburn I stayed home. At the time I was talking here and there with this girl Kirsten, we had shipped each other with our favorites on our 5sos fan pages on Instagram so we had kiked a bit and became friends. While at home she asked me to FaceTime and since I was home alone sunburnt as hell I figured I would. It was my first time ever face timing an internet friend so I immediately just thought of catfish because as a teenage girl I only watch that and girl code right? So, we did face time and it was pretty chill. Besides the fact that she had met 5sos, I thought her red hair made her 10x cooler. Fast forward two months later, we had face timed every day since and became best friends (even our moms lol). Then in about December, Kirsten told me about an issue she had that is way too common in current day society. I’ve always been sort of different and have had similar issues and knew I had to help her so she could also one day be able to say “Hey, I pulled through and got over things”. The only issue was that I was also battling a disorder and didn’t know how I could help anyone else if I couldn’t help myself. So, fast forward three weeks later I had told my parents about my issue and ever since that night they have supported me so much..I think that was the night I realized that me and Kirsten weren’t best friends, we were sisters. Fast forward to march 24 2014 when my mom picked me up early from school because she said we had a lot to do since Kirsten was flying out to me in NJ all the way from Canada the next day (March 25). As we were in the car my mom pulled out her phone and started videoing me. She said “Well, I may have lied..” And I was scared shirtless. I said what do you mean you lied? Her response was “We’re going to pickup Kirsten now…not tomorrow” I ended up peeing my pants so to say the least I was excited. And yeah here’s the video of me Maryn Matisa meeting my best friend Kirsten Whelan for the first time after 8 months of a sister hood. Yes I am the short girl running out of a moving car and I apologize for my high pitch screams as it seems I’ll never have an Adam’s apple so :) I hope this happens to everyone else and their internet friends as well because guess what? I wasn’t catfished ;).

Her tumblr is lukesnotvanilla so follow it she’s great, really.
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Tate was the sweetest character!

He raped her mom and killed like 10 people.

yeah but his eyes unf

flaws that are easily passed by

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Don’t let people treat you like a cigarette, they only use you when they’re bored and step on you when they’re done. Be like drugs, let them die for you.
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To bae or not to bae
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Erika Linder in suits is my weakness


*cop pulls me over* 

"Sir, do you know how fast you were going?" 

"Nice. Nice. So are you a virgin?"